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To My Dearest Ellen,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you.
You truly are the powerhouse responsible for any social media that the shiurim appear on.
Whether it is PayPal, various links, or even a wonderfully organized online calendar,
publicizing and sharing Torah knowledge is what makes you truly unique. The vast
knowledge you possess and the effort you display are incredible, and your assistance is
invaluable to both me and all women and men watching the shiurim all over the world.
Not only are the tireless hours of computer work you contribute greatly appreciated, but,
your cheerful presence and enthusiasm are amongst the qualities that make you a true
officer of the “Women’s Torah Education” family.
B”H may the website come to fruition with speed and touch the hearts of Jewish women
across the world. May Hashem bestow upon you, your family and Klal Israel all His
blessings in gashmiut and ruchaniut and may we have the merit to greet Mashiyach B”B

Tizki LeMitzvot,
With Love,
Rabbanit Iris Odani Elyashiv.
I am completely satisfied with the Press Release, but what's refreshing and sorely missed these days is the level of professionalism I received. The whole of the experience was top notch from start to finish! Thanks, Ellen
Susan Jackson

As a busy entrepreneur, I just don’t have time handle all of the logistics that are very necessary in today’s social media so I rely on Ellen. She is a gem in my “Work Life” as I just can’t do it all and shouldn’t. That isn’t my niche, but it is sure hers. Thanks again Ellen for the fast delivery of a product that is better than expected!
Lonna Weidemann

I have used Ellen Levinas and her services for many years, on many different projects. I have always been very pleased with the outcome of the job. She is very professional and her customer service is top notch in the business. She is very receptive to what her customers are looking for and helping them achieve that final overall look and appeal. I would reccommend Ellen for any job.

First of all, let me say that have I never made a better business decision, than hiring you as our Virtual Assistant.

You are exceptional, persistent and determined. I am extremely fortunate to have you working for my company. We are more than pleased with our company website and volume of hits, along with how you have built and set up our custom website, where we will be selling our products online. Not to mention your aid in selection a host site. I would not have been able to do all this on my own. You have been consistent and phenomenal in following up with all that you needed to establish and build these sites. As a business owner who already has too much on his plate, it is indeed a pleasure to have an individual such as yourself, who would email and call, to make sure you have everything you needed to get these sites going. You could have taken the easy route, and just waited until I got around to gathering the information. However, that just is not your style, and we are much better off, because of that quality. You contacted me regularly to follow up on all missing items, while crossing every “T” and dotting every “I”. In today’s environment, it is rare to find someone with your qualities and characteristics, not to mention the fair and reasonable fee you charge for your services. There exists practically nothing you can’t seem to accomplish. Where you don’t have the immediate answer or resolution, you promptly contact all the appropriate parties. You have resolved each and every issue to my satisfaction. I am surprised that you have any time left since you are such a wonderful Virtual Assistant.

Thank you for working with us, and I hope our relationship will continue for many years to come. I truly wish I had salespeople and other in house employees as determined and dependable as you.

It is a pleasure working with you.
David Hoffman

Ellen and I go way back. I love how passionate she is about her business and making people happy. She delivers quality and won't stop until she figures it out. I love that! My website/blog was a challenge but Ellen wouldn't give up and created a beautiful website I am very proud of. I highly recommend her.
By Dawn Earles 

Ellen Levinas is great to work with! She helped create a new WordPress website for my business and did a great job. She is very friendly, while also being very professional. She responded very quickly to any requests or questions I had. When she didn't know how to do something I requested, she would research it and was always able to find an answer or solution. I would highly recommend her services for any of your business needs!
By Angie Mosher 

Ellen Levinas is a true gem. Smart, articulate and encouraging, she brings her skillful expertise to help with your administrative needs. She helps your business reach it’s true potiential. Ellen Levinas with her Virtual Assistant talents show you the how and why your interenet presence is so key in today’s wired world. When you need a positive and hardworking assistant to promote your business or provide administrative assistance, call or email Ellen Levinas to help your business reach it true success.

Lisa Ramsay

To say WOW about your work and customer service is an understatement. You go out of your way to make sure your client's needs are taken care of. I have used you many times over the years and have never been disappointed. I would highly recommend you to anyone that was needing help with websites and other business needs.

Debrah Chriscoe

Everyone who saw the site absolutely loved it and in such a short period of time.  Simply amazing.  Ellen did a fantastic job!  We highly recommend her to anyone!


I was delighted with Ellen’s  speedy and professional press release service , she is fabulous to work with and would highly recommend.
Elizabeth Raine

We recently hired Ellen @ VA Business Solutions to do SEO work for our CPR business.Ellen did not disappoint, she has been an absolute delight from beginning to end. Thank you Ellen for the high level of professionalism you demonstrate and for the customer Service – with a capital S. We will definitely use your company in the future and recommend your services to all our family and friends!
Aundrea & Tyson

I needed a site done quickly for my business and a friend referred me to Ellen Levinas.  She did my site quickly and efficiently, and did a GREAT job thank you!  I was very pleased with her work!
Donald Jenkins – Jenkins Tree and Lawn Care

Ellen is wonderful! The experience exceeded all my expectations. Not only she’s does what she promises, she also goes an extra step to help and advise. Recommend highly to anyone who’s looking to promote themselves! Thank you, Ellen!

I have used Ellen Levinas and her services for many years, on many different projects.  I have always been very pleased with the outcome of the job.   She is very professional and her customer service is top notch in the business.   She is very receptive to what her customers are looking for and helping them achieve that final overall look and appeal. I would reccommend Ellen for any job.
Debrah Chriscoe

Ellen was a joy to work with! She is a real professional and wrote a fabulous Press Release for me! There’s no point to having a PR if you don’t know what to do with it. Ellen provides great help with that. It’s a real bargain!!
Laurie Fortier

Ellen, thank you so much setting up my Facebook page. I’m extremely pleased with all the work you have done! I will be definitely be working with you.  A true professional and AWESOME!! -
Judy Caban Paper, Ink N Style

Ellen Levinas is helping me build my business Lilboyblu.com; she created a professional Press Release for my business and an amazing Blog. Ellen also is helping me with SEO, Social Media and website maintenance. Ellen is professional, timely and affordable. Ellen, works for YOU and truly wants to see you succeed, she is thorough with training, goes out of her way to help, and takes the time to understand what your business needs to be successful. I look forward to a long and lasting business relationship with Ellen and I know my business will continue in its success because of Ellen’s talents.
Sandra Lopez

Thank you for working with us, and I hope our relationship will continue for many years to come. I truly wish I had salespeople and other in house employees as determined and dependable as you.
It is a pleasure working with you.
Best regards,
David P. Hoffman

Not that long ago, we started working on the coding on the Internet for STA. This helps people find STA classes easier. Ellen is not done yet! Every one in the class said they looked up either boilers, heating, boiler license, sprinklers standpipe, fire licenses and permits, training, education etc and STA came up with in the pages found.
We owe the success to Ellen.
The meetings being attended with tons more people is due to Ellen’s efforts as well as the new location and better communications.
Peter Grech

Talented Virtual Assistant

I hired Ellen as Virtual Assistant to help me with those marketing to-do’s I never seemed to get to but that I knew would impact my business. I knew she could help me navigate this world of social networking and to bring my website out from hiding. She is doing that and so much more! Ellen is an extraordinary Virtual Assistant. Her talent truly amazes me. She expertly added all the links, got me going with Constant Contact, did the analytics ranking for my website www.iesnyc.com so I can cast a wider net, etc etc. I have just signed on for another 10 hours to help me. She is accessible, full of energy and knows her stuff.
Maria Vizzi

I know Ellen to be a very hard working and motivated person. I just engaged her for help in driving traffic to HomeDesign.com, a website I am involved with, because I simply haven’t had the time to dedicate to it and within a few days I have seen a difference. She knows her stuff.
Ted Silverstein

Dear Ellen,
I am writing to commend to your attention a most extraordinary job that you have been doing and is still doing for both myself and for STA. For the past three years you have consistently exceeded all our expectations both as a MVA and a Webmaster. Your knowledge of the Internet and skills in dealing with people is first rate.
We have found you to be reliable, and enthusiastic in performing what ever is asked to do and would be more then glad to recommend you and your services to anyone who should ask.
Peter Grech
Superintendents Technical Association

For over three years Ellen has helped my company and myself with so many projects that I cannot even list them all.  She is a quick minded person with a lot of ideas and able to incorporate them into a project completion in no time flat.  She has let my brain rest time and time again with her ideas and virtual assistant knowledge and expertise.  Keep up the good work Ellen.  Lonna Weidemann ~ Owner, Cello In a Box Co.
Lonna Weidemann ~ www.celloinabox.com

I hired Ellen to do various SEO work and press releases on my websites. Not only was Ellen a joy to work with but she is extremely professional and a talented marketer. Ellen understands and has the vast knowledge to gain the traffic I needed for my sites. Her work was timely and well written. I had certain ideas I wanted implemented into my press releases and she brought them to life for me.  She advised me on many issues pertaining to my websites and she was always on target.
I highly recommend Ellen for her talents, professionalism, knowledge, and most of all trustworthiness. She saved me valuable time and money and the results have been more than I hoped for.
Krista Clyburn ~ Wahm Addicts

I hired Ellen Levinas to help me build my business with PartyGals, She helped me build a blog, a website, advised me on ideas and concepts. She is writing a press release for me. These things have helped my business grow! I was #4 in Missouri last year. I am now in the top 100 out of 11,000 PartyGals in the nation and I believe I may be in #2 place for the state of Missouri at this point. She has been very giving and understanding, when I just didn’t understand something and had to almost draw me a picture. She is very professional and timely in her service. She has a full plate, but she has always found time to help in any way that she can. I have truly enjoyed working with her in these matters. I look forward to working with her more as I have set the goal of being #1 in Missouri.
Lisa R Haarmann

Ellen: You are amazing. . thanks for all your help in getting exposure for our ranch. . . Someone
like you who totally is there to help the small business get better at an affordable rate is rare. . .
Thanks for your integrity and honest caring. Come West and enjoy a horse drawn sleigh ride,
our cozy cabins and all the fun a Winter can afford. . . dog sled adventures, cross country and
downhill skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing. . . don’t miss our piece of paradise for the Holidays!
Nancy Gaynor,
GaynorsRanchatWhitefish.com, Whitefish, Montana

I am extremely pleased with the work and help that Ellen did for myself and our website,
Roslyn’s Closet. She was very thorough in her explainations about SEO and meta tags and
why they are so important. With Ellen’s help, my Alexa rating went down over 5 million
in just one month…and we are starting to see more sales at our website! I highly recommend
you seek Ellen’s advice, especially if you want to drive more customers to your website!
~Jodi Crisp
Business Owner/Designer
Roslyn’s Closet

Meeting Ellen of How to Guides http://howtoguide.us has been the best thing to happen to my
business. I was searching for someone to write a press release and offer me some guidance
and there was Ellen’s site. I was so impressed with the amount of information Ellen provided
to her site visitors that I had to have her write my press release. Not only did she work with
me hand in hand, it was like she was reading my mind. She was able to get all of my thoughts
into a killer press release! Anytime I had questions or concerns, Ellen was there with the
answers. You are a true professional and I look forward to working with you for a very long time.
~Stacie Zaragosa owner of Beading By Stacie

Ladies/Gents let me tell you, this service is worth it! I’ve worked with Ellen this past week to get
going with this service and there’s a difference already. Am I number one this quick…heck no!
but I sure ain’t 2 million anymore either  [:-)]  So if you have an internet based business check this out…well worth the small fee Ellen charges! You won’t find this service, with personality, anywhere else for this price!
Thanks Ellen!
Tracy Mills

Hi, Ellen!
I received “Your Online Party Auction Guide” and am VERY impressed with it. It is a LOT nicer than I expected–I was expecting just a three or four page booklet and instead got a very professional-looking almost 30-page booklet!! It is filled with LOTS of tips and ideas, and I wasn’t expecting all the links you included with places for advertising, etc. I am thrilled with the booklet and will be back for “Your Online Party Guide” next!
Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
Brenda VanAuken

Thanks Ellen for the great newspaper ads! Very professional. I will definitely be using your
services again!”
Patti Iler

HowToGuide.us (now VABizSolutions.com) has been a LIFESAVER!! I was able to enjoy the
guide titled “Your Online Power Groups and Advertising Guide” and I can’t tell you how many sales and how much traffic it has brought me. If you ever purchase any type of guide for marketing or advertising your website, THIS is the guide to buy! It included pages upon pages of advertising groups to advertise at, mainly Yahoo Groups – many many hundreds (possibly thousands) of groups are listed and even though it takes a while to sign up for them, it has literally ended up paying for itself 20x over!Ellen was extremely helpful and the customer service is top-notch….Ellen is simply a marketing
genius, and I can honestly say as a fellow marketer that you will be impressed with the amount
of resources you receive!
Hosting WAHMs

Online Party Vendor Fair Guide
What a great guide that is full of so much information! I have attended Ellen’s online parties
and she does indeed know how to get it done. Buy this one today!
Lonna Weidemann

Party Book Planner
I received the party book planner and what a great organization tool. If you love online parties
and want to incorporate it into your business world, then get this organizer!
Lonna Weidemann