Certified Master Virtual Assistant Business Services Worldwide
Ellen Levinas, Born and Raised in Brooklyn, New York has a long history of working experience, and educational background. Creation and writing has always been a passion of Ellen’s that has turned into a successful Virtual Assistant business, but not without the hard work and effort put forth by Ellen’s “Go Get them” Attitude.

Ellen is a published author of how-to guides, as well as a graduate of the University of Phoenix, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Business/E-business, as well as being certified twice as a Master Virtual Assistant and a Virtual Assistant Worldwide, in keeping up-to-date with industry standards and technological advancements. Ellen also has many years of experience in office management, administrative assistant work, and a vast array of other skills contributing to her Virtual Assistant business today.

Ellen’s primary goal is to help people succeed no matter what business that they are in. Thus we have her Virtual Assistant business in which Ellen helps people do the work that others are unable to do, do not know how to do, or simply don’t have enough time to do. Ellen’s willingness to help anyone that needs a helping hand can be seen in her many testimonials of very satisfied clients.

Ellen’s motto that she uses until today is to “Never say never” and “I will see you at the top” because being at the top of your field is an obtainable and very reachable goal if you want it badly enough, hence, “Never say never.”

Another one of Ellen’s attributes, while providing a professional work ethic enriched with honesty, and trustworthiness, is her willingness to do all of her work with a so called “personal touch.” Well, you might be wondering what this means, no doubt. To Ellen it means that whatever her work might entail, communication is the key to her and YOUR success! No task will go unfinished until a client is 150% satisfied. This has worked wonders for Ellen in the past, and she will continue to do what brought her here in the first place, simple and straight forward communication, honesty, and trust.